Scalable self-managed professional directory

This is a sampling of just a few pages on the new – The South Shore Coalition of Independent Therapists

This client has the ability to modify their own website content, so appearances may have changed slightly since launch. These images are from June, 2014.

Growing Every Day accepts new professional members freely at any time. Applicants are guided through an intuitive registration process, and only after moderator approval, do they become part of the online directory, with all it’s benefits.

Limitless Control

Members have full control over their directory entry and online profile. They can associate with unlimited categories & taxonomies. Each member is able to contribute to the member’s blog, where valuable information is shared daily.

Bridging The Gap

With the touch of a button their online directory becomes a print-ready document. Gone are the days of manual data collection and transcription. The new directory is smart, which saves them time and money. It’s a win-win.

Intuitive Design

Visitors and members frequent the site with very different goals in mind. We’ve laid out the UI so that no matter your purpose for visiting, you’ll quickly find what you need and be on your way. Check out the new