New Pulse.Dance

Small-business dance instruction with big ideas

Caroline Carr, sole proprietor of New Pulse Dance needed our help taking her business to the next level. She needed everything- website, fliers, business cards, calendars, registration forms, banners, post cards.

And all of it needed to fit their unique hip hop brand identity. That was no problem, we worked with Ms. Carr to ensure that all of her ideas were transformed perfectly into the digital and print forms needed. We set up an awesome website along with a facebook fan page, and gave her the tools to update the content herself.


Community Involvement

Part of what makes New Pulse Dance so successful is their closely knit community, and their continued involvement with non-profit events and organizations. We’ve helped them by producing promotional materials for a variety of events.

Always Up To Date

With new classes and special events happening all the time, New Pulse Dance keeps their audience up to date at all times by combining the power of a custom events and registration solution on their website with social media campaigns.


Super Easy

Dancers dance, and techies… tech. New Pulse Dance needed a solution easy enough for anyone to use. We delivered flawlessly with a website UI/UX and forms, fliers and brochures which make it easy the students to keep coming back.

Expanded Reach

Starting with their website, New Pulse Dance is able to deliver content to their clients through email marketing, facebook announcements and events, and keeping their audience involved with monthly featured dancers.


New Pulse Dance has moved their operation to New Jersey as of Winter 2013, and they are not currently keeping their website up to date.