This is our live testing server, where creativity takes flight

This is where the magic happens. Some of our more ambitious projects, or things just for fun happen here.

Sub-domains are created on the fly to demonstrate a new website idea, or to provide a live preview for clients.

If something new is in the works, it’s happening here.

New Ideas

Whenever inspirations hits us, this is where we let it grow. It’s a safe, judgement free zone where new ideas can get legs and quickly turn into something awesome. Sometimes it’s fun to just play around with a little creativity.


When a client wants a live preview of their new “under construction” website, they visit our creatiflight server for a glimpse of the awesomeness. Photoshop mockups are great, but nothing can compare to a live interactive demo.


How many contractors would let you watch them work? Not many. But that’s why we’re different. The design process is a labor of love, and attention to detail alongside client-focused interaction is key to the success of any project.

In Motion is always changing, so what you see today might be gone tomorrow. Or it might change and grow into something truly spectacular. The point is, this is our playground, and you’re invited to join us!