Boston Strong

First Responders Workout Marathon

A great event which we were proud to be a part of.  This is an original logo we designed for “The Five-O’s”, a group of dedicated first-responders competing to raise money for the OneFund, in memorial to those who were affected by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  True American Heroes. Read more about the event below:

On June 22nd and 23rd MetroSwat will be holding the Boston Strong Responders Workout Marathon at Gillette Stadium. The event is being held to raise money to assist victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, including MBTA Officer Richard Donohue and MIT Officer Sean Collier. All Proceeds will be donated to The One Fund.

The workout marathon will be held at Gillette Stadium, starting at 2.50pm Saturday 22nd and finishing at 5pm Sunday 23rd. The challenge is open to Military and First Responders, including police, fire, EMS and hospital emergency staff, all of whom have been encouraged to enter teams.The event is not open to the general public.

The workout marathon will consist of 26 separate workout stations, each station led by Veteran Fitness coaches. Each team must complete a set amount of repetitions at each exercise station. During the first six hours of the event the entire team will be required to participate. After completing the initial six hours a minimum of six members, per team, must continue through each station. In the 26th, and final hour all teams will be encouraged to finish the event together.

One Team – One Mission


Read more, sign up, or contribute by visiting their website. Here’s  the link: