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Andrews-Cooper Engineering

An engineering firm specializing in product engineering and automation with offices in Boston and Oregon.

Accurate Print Design

When Andrews-Cooper came to us shortly after opening their new east-coast office in Boston, the task was to redesign their marketing brochures. They loved what we did to improve and update these designs.

1000 Words

A picture is worth 1000 words. When Andrews-Cooper needed their new brochure, professional photos and product images were used to enhance the design and add a personal, professional feel.

Showing Off

The challenge is to make technical equipment interesting while conveying the level of complexity that goes into it’s design. We created some beautiful posters to show off AC’s design prowess.

Design Continuity

With printed materials already in production, including business cards and pamphlets, as well as an existing website, it was imperative that these designs match with the current content perfectly. They do.